Delivering Lasting Results Through People™

Retained Executive Search and Leadership Consulting

Highlights of Retained Executive Search

Work with our robust staff to ensure you partner with the right talent acquisition executive firm.  We are also ready to provide executive leadership coaching to any member of your team. The Human Capital Group is a reputable retained executive search firm that aims to exceed your expectations in speed, quality, and value. Our long-time experience has given us the tools to hone our efficiency and effectiveness for clients in a wide variety of industries. No matter where you are located, we can supply the high-quality talent with the strength, commitment, and promise you seek.


Finalists in 20 Business Days... Guaranteed!

  • 99% of clients received finalists in 20 business days.
  • 86% of clients hire one of our top-5 finalists…presented in 20 business days.
  • 11% of clients hire a candidate surfaced after our initial presentation of finalists.
  • Candidates accepted the job in an average of 57 business days—more than twice as fast as the industry average of 128 business days.


One-Year Guarantee For Each Candidate Hired.

  • 98% of candidates hired were in place beyond one year.
  • 93% of clients surveyed were “very satisfied” with the overall experience and results.
  • 42% of all hires were diverse.
  • 2 out of 3 clients re-engage us within 12 months for additional searches.


25% of First Year's Total Cash Compensation

  • Our clients realized over 35% savings in fees.
  • 99% of clients surveyed stated they “will do business again” with The Human Capital Group.

Highlights of Leadership Consulting

Integrity Based

Defining and doing
what is right.

  • 98% of clients responded that we operated according to our Guiding Principles: Focus, Integrity, Leadership, Service, Respect, Humility and Gratitude.

Results Driven

Metrics to measure and
sustain success.

  • 100% of clients responded that we “helped achieve their stated goals.”
  • 90% of clients surveyed said the results of their project exceeded their expectations.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Percentage of fees at risk.

  • 100% of clients surveyed stated they will do business again with The Human Capital Group.
  • 100% of consulting clients will recommend us to others.
  • 92% of clients said communication throughout the process exceeded their expectations.