Delivering Lasting Results Through People™

Retained Executive Search and Leadership Consulting

Highlights of Retained Search


Finalists in 20 Business Days... Guaranteed!

  • 99% of clients received finalists in 20 business days.
  • 87% of clients hire one of our top-5 finalists…presented in 20 business days.
  • 11% of clients hire a candidate surfaced after our initial presentation of finalists.
  • Candidates accepted the job in an average of 57 business days—more than twice as fast as the industry average of 128 business days.


One-Year Guarantee For Each Candidate Hired.

  • 98% of candidates hired were in place beyond one year.
  • 92% of clients surveyed were “very satisfied” with the overall experience and results.
  • 42% of all hires were diverse.
  • 2 out of 3 clients re-engage us within 12 months for additional searches.


25% of First Year's Total Cash Compensation

  • Our clients realized over 35% savings in fees.
  • 99% of clients surveyed stated they “will do business again” with The Human Capital Group.

Highlights of Leadership Consulting

Integrity Based

Defining and doing
what is right.

  • 98% of clients responded that we operated according to our Guiding Principles: Focus, Integrity, Leadership, Service, Respect, Humility and Gratitude.

Results Driven

Metrics to measure and
sustain success.

  • 100% of clients responded that we “helped achieve their stated goals.”
  • 89% of clients surveyed said the results of their project exceeded their expectations.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Percentage of fees at risk.

  • 100% of clients surveyed stated they will do business again with The Human Capital Group.
  • 100% of consulting clients will recommend us to others.
  • 90% of clients said communication throughout the process exceeded their expectations.